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The User Interface Improvements of FIFA 16

The FIFA Ultimate Team in the FIFA 16 has one of the best and largest years to year interface since it was introduced a few years ago. There have been significant changes in the appearance of the items, and the menu experiences have been streamlined as well.

The updated fifa 16 coin generator helps in generating coins for the current FUT. The effect of this is that the FIFA lovers will spend more time on it and less time on the playground. This blog is going to explore the new players’ items.

New Players Items

Pack management

There is the new “Tag” feature that will allow the players to deal quickly and pick the multiple items from theirman playing game on phone pack. To execute this action, the players will be required to flick the right stick up so as to tag the various items. They can then list these items on the Quick Sell, Transfer List or send them directly to their club of choice.

The new pack management features suspenseful pack animation that will leave the FIFA love on the edge of their seats.

The players can search for the “Draft Tokens” in the random gold packs and then utilize them in the new FUT Draft Mode.

The squad chemistry

The individual chemistry meter has been added to aid the players to see the different chemistry of each player in their team. This is a vast improvement from the previous version which only had the collective team chemistry.

When changing the players, the users can flick the Right Stick to the right so as to view how the swapping will affect the chemical composition of the other stakeholders. Individual players are usually unaffected by the chemical composition of other stakeholders. Such players will fade therefore making it visible for the players to comprehend which player has been affected by a particular change.

The consumables

GameThe FIFA Ultimate Team will within context discover and encourage consumables depending on the needs of the players. However, there are instances whereby the players have found that they are missing a specific consumable. The FUT 16 allows you to look up for the item in the “Transfer Market” by just pushing a button.

The players can quickly navigate and browse through the consumables pile by using L1/R1 and LB/RB. This enables them to navigate quickly through without leaving the screen.

The players’ swap screen allows the efficient swapping of the entire squad by using the new Swap player display. The players can make use of L2/R2 or LT/RT to switch between the multiple positions on the playground without exiting the screen.