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What You Should Learn Before Opening a Vape Shop

E-cigarettes used to be a boring alternative to smoking. The smoke puff could not compete with the conventional rolls, and the flavors were also limited and dull. However, the tech did not stop there.

Knowing the Potential

Today, electronic cigarettes have transformed into vaporizers, which are more well-known as vapes. And as the name suggests, vapes do not produce smoke through combustion but vaporization. It produces less harmful by-product chemicals, and several studies have even claimed that vaping is healthier than smoking conventional cigarettes.

Besides, vapes can produce a lot of smoke with varieties of flavors. There are even skilled performers who can play smoke tricks with the vape. They call themselves as cloud-chasers. As for the smoke’s taste, you can have everything from vanilla, coffee, banana, strawberry, coffee, to the most basic one, tobacco.

Finding Quality Ingredients

tincture bottlesAccording to Lorenzo De Plano, a co-founder of Solace Tech, a company that specializes in e-cigarettes and vapes, the e-juice makes the most money in the vape industry. The essential ingredient is the nicotine salt derived from tobacco leaves. However, with many suppliers in the market, you need to make sure that you can get the pure salt.

The next components are the PG (Propylene Glycol) and VG (Vegetable Glycerin). We discuss them in one section because both have the same function, which is to create the vapor. They determine the consistency and intensity of the vape’s smoke.

PG gives vapers the sensation of smoking tobacco by dehydrating the smoke. Otherwise, the smoke will feel watery. VG, on the other hand, adds to the consistency of the smoke. The more VG you have in the e-juice, the thicker the smoke will be. However, you shall not mix both out of portions because too much of either VG or PG may lead to throat irritation.

The third component is the water-soluble flavor concentrates, with which you can express your creativity. You may mix cappuccino with chocolate, coke with bubble gum, pineapple and mango, etc. However, if you do not want to take a risk, you can sell those flavors without mixing them.

Marketing Your Goods

a cloud chaser vapeThe vape hype owes significantly to the Internet. Boutique e-juices tend to sell well in the market because they can exploit people’s curiosity and sense of individuality. The way you market your products should also mimic the same pattern. Your store must look different from the others.

First, you should optimize your representation in social media. You can work with an influencer to advertise your shop. Second, the content of your advertisements must be creative too. Your target market is mostly millennial audiences, who embrace prefer creativity over mundanity. Lastly, your marketing campaigns must be consistent in frequency. If you publish content once a week, then you must always maintain that same pattern. Otherwise, your customers will think of your store as inactive.