Telephone: Its History and Where It is Now

The telephone has come a long way from where it all started. With the help of people who are willing to simplify and aid the needs of the people, many technological advancements related to communication has emerged. From wartime telegraph that uses morse code as conversions for letters, to fax with Google Voice, and to the future where holograms are seen to be utilized.

Many people do not realize how important telephones are in terms of communication. It was able to ease people’s needs for communicating with someone without learning and using codes as a means.

Before the telephone was invented, people around the globe who knew how to talk in morse code can communicate via the telegraph. It has been used for almost 30 years and was an effective tool for communication. Limitations, of course, are present to this highly improvable piece of technology. One of its limitations is that you can only send and receive messages one at a time. This limitation caused a lot of time to be wasted.London road

Alexander Graham Bell was the first man to patent his invention called the telephone. With the aid of different people who financed and supported his means, he was able to invent a technology that is able to transmit the sound of a human voice over cable wires. But before that, he was tasked and had the idea of inventing multiple telegraphs. Multiple telegraphs are just like the original telegraph, but this time, they are able to send and receive messages simultaneously using the same wire but with a different pitch.

Graham Bell soon realized in the year 1876 that his plan of creating the world’s first “telephone” was invented. A year after its invention, the first outdoor telephone was made active stretching just 3 miles from its origin. Soon later, The United States of America followed and created its first commercial telephone company. In 1879, telephone companies started to designate numbers for every user instead of names. In the year 1900, coin-operated telephone lines were invented and installed on the streets of Connecticut.

The design of the handset that we are using nowadays have been used since 1904; it is called the french phone. The plan was to create and design a telephone that the earpiece and the microphone are placed in a single handset to create a more natural feeling. Nowadays, the telephone is not much used anymore due to the invention of cell phones. But we should all remember that without the telephone, no cell phone would be on your hands right now.