Faxing 101: Online Faxing and Its Origin

Communication certainly has come a long way. Various ways and machines had been invented for people to communicate properly, whether formally or informally. One of the known ways people communicate is through a fax machine.

How It All Started

Dated back in 1843, a Scottish inventor named Alexander Bain had an idea of using some elements from his previous invention of electric clock and incorporate it in creating a fax. To scan a message line-by-line, he utilized the synchronization of two pendulums. Although the quality of the image wasn’t as sharp as today’s scanners, he still secured his invention on the 27th of May.

Nevertheless, it was the beginning of a great invention. Because of his one of a kind creation, several inventors, like Frederick Bakewell and Giovanni Caselli, became inspired by his work and decided to improve it. Frederick Bakewell developed Bain’s invention through the use of rotating cylinders in replacement of the pendulums. This then produced a higher image quality than of Bain’s.

Subsequently, Caselli further developed the Pantelegraph, which is a combination of Pantograph and Telegraph. As the words imply, it can copy words and images and transfer the message through wires. This Pantelegraph was further improved through adequate financing and help from other inventors.

Introduction to Internet Faxing

In the year 1985, a major leap happened in linking computers and faxing. Hank Magnuski of GammaLink created the first computer-based fax board. This is a significant step in giving birth to email faxing.

Just like any other email, computer faxes get spam messages too; nevertheless, this event made sending documents a lot easier. From that day forward, people have resorted to using internet fax services and getting rid of their fax machines.

Online Faxing vs Traditional Faxing (With Machine)

Although some people remain bewildered on why people still use fax machines in the office, these machines have proven that it can be useful in offices to send messages while maintaining confidentiality. Nowadays, there’s no doubt that online faxing has brought numerous advantages compared to using fax machines.

Online faxing has eliminated the use of huge machines that are, admittedly, prone to paper jams and errors. These minor inconveniences can cause delays and eventually just waste your time. Although online faxing has been around for a couple of years now, people are only realizing its benefits and convenience due to the fact that smartphones and the internet is accessible almost anywhere, anytime.