Dash Cam

Guide To Buying Dash Cam

When in a car disasters can occur in a single second, and you are not able to see and comprehend the details of the episode. This is where a dashboard camera comes to your rescue. Dash cameras can be installed on the windscreen of your car with a suction cup or kept on the dash with an adhesive tape. They play the same role as the black box in a plane and record everything happening inside and outside your car.

Buying Dash Cam Guide

What is a dash camdriver

Dashboard camera are also known as dash cams, car DVR, car camera, or even accident recorders. The following is the guide to buying dash cam.

Size and Color

You want your car to be inconspicuous and low-profile, the small dash cam is your option. If you do not mind the size of dash cam, you have a lot of choices, but generally, little dash cam is more expensive than the tradition one. Also, a vast majority of dash cam are black, the reason for the color is because most devices in the car are black and also not to draw too much attention, and black is cool.


One can choose from two types of dashcams. If one only needs to record the front view through the windshield, you choice should be the single channel type of the camera. Dual-channel cams are designed to also look back into the passenger.

Video resolution

The primary function is recording the video for dashcam, so the video resolution is the most important factor in your selection. While some cheap camera models record at a low resolution like 640*480, one will not be able to make out a whole lot of detail on such footage. For better video resolution, you should get a least 1280*720 resolution dashcam.

If you drive a lot at night, the dashcam of choice should have night vision. Most of the cameras having high resolution that is a thousand pixels capture decent video during the daytime but have poor performance at night.

Parking Mode

It is good to keep your car safe whenever you park it. With this, it is very easy to catch the guy who scrapes your car run away.


In parking mode, G-sensor notices an impact and automatically mark the current footage for the lock, so it does not get deleted by the loop recording.


Again, remember that a point of the display is important in helping you know what the camera is recording. Thus, the dashcam that has a screen is very helpful and convenient.

Other Features

GPS, Wifi, and navigation are optional, but you should not ignore them when purchasing or installing this system in your car.